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The PIBBA Conference is an annual event in which Western Pacific educators are provided with opportunities for professional growth and cultural enrichment. This year's conference offers a wonderful selection of traditional, innovative, and practical workshops, presented by creative and imaginative educators and cultural leaders from the Pacific islands.

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Snapshots of last year's 36th Annual International PIBBA Conference in Pohnpei

PIBBA 2013 Conference Video

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Former PIBBA International President, Shelten G. Neth, Translates PIBBA Song in the Pohnpeian Language on Guam's 65th Liberation Day!

Guam celebrated its 65th Liberation Day with an annual parade down Marine Corps Drive on July 21, 2009. The island marked the day when, on July 21, 1944, U.S. forces landed on the island and began its mission to regain control of the island from the cruel occupation of the Japanese Imperial Army. Biba Guam!

In celebration of Guam's liberation day, former PIBBA International President, Shelten G. Neth, took it upon himself to translate the PIBBA song in his Pohnpeian native language. We are grateful for his contribution. Here is the translation provided by Neth:

Kisinieng ipidohsang paliehsed

Ekehker peneinei dekehn PIBBA kan

Pwe kitail en ehukipene atail wewe kan, pokpene oh sirei

Atail lokaia kan, atail tiak, en wauniki atail dekeh kan,

Iokwe, raan annim, kaselehlia, alii, aloha,

Olomwaay, hafa dei, tuwoh, mogethin, talofa

Ngilen koul en PIBBA peido laud sansal

Kitail miniminpene, kitail wiaki ehu, sohte kemou

Sohte ketiuo

Lowetail kan en kosoia kitail en poakehng emenemen oh pil koarosie

Kitail kehlail, kitail komwad, kitail pohlki,

Kitail kesihkerda

Iokwe, raan annim, kaselehlia, alii, aloha,

Olomwaay, hafa dei, tuwoh, mogethin,talofa

Koul en PIBBA me kelail nan pwungen ilok kan

Wahr akan, atail mwangas akan, kapinga atail sohso.

Atail dekehn PIBBA kan kote sehd mei

Atail lokaia, atail tiahk, me kitail pwoson, atail sai!

Iokwe, raan annim, kaselehlia, alii, aloha,

Olomwaay, hafa dei, tuwoh, mogethin, talofa

Currently, the PIBBA song, which is located towards the bottom of our website, is now available in the following languages: English, CHamoru, Carolinian, Chuukese, Kosraean, and Pohnpeian. If you would like to assist us in translating the song in other Pacific languages, please contact us at We will give you proper credit for your contribution. We'd love to have the song translated in as many languages as possible!

Thank you, Shelten! Un Dangkulo Na Si Yu'os Ma'ase' (Thank you very much)!

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